sonic tonic

Few things in this world have the ability to grab, and hurl me into other dimensions like music.
Music, or what I consider music, has always affected me in a truly visceral manner.
As a child I loved to read stories with a ‘soundtrack’ playing. For instance, visuals of Moominland in Midwinter will forever come to mind when Isao Tomita’s Snowflakes are Dancing album plays. My surroundings grow chilly, the smell of pine smoke lingers in the air, glistening, the sensation is immense!

Then certain music brings about ASMRs (Autonomous sensory meridian response), a sort of sonic tonic where I am completely lost in the moment, images opening up around me, memories flooding in…

 some people’s voices have had this affect on me though, few I’ve always counted these individuals as important -people I must get to know-. I mean, wow! When a voice has such power there’s got to be something to that, yes? That said I could count on one hand the people whose voices hold the ASMR trigger ability. Like Frank Herbert’s Bene Gesserit they have, The Voice.
Music continues to influence my artistic growth and practice, carrying me away to otherworldly realms, bringing me into the Zone. The majority of which falls into the ambient, electronic and classical genres, nowadays I create my own soundscapes to accompany installations, and new bodies of work.  

For more inspiration and to check out how music and sound affects and inspires others please, visit the Weekly Writing Challenge: Moved by Music.  In the words of Dr. Ronald Chevalier, “..let your harvest begin.”


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