Imagine if you could see everything.

Rippin’ the Rainbow a New One! Check out Radiolab‘s crazy-amazing podcast on colour, is it inside or outside, our minds/eyes? [audio http://www.radiolab.org/audio/m3u/211178/] Isaac Newton sticks a knife into his eye.. holds up a prism, and believes he was seeing,  A coloured image of the sun. 🙂 As usual the more I research the concept of  ‘Seeing’ and ‘hearing’ everything around us, inside and outside of our spectrum, the deeper it gets!! V Sauce serves up awesome! [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lR7s1Y6Zig&list=UU6nSFpj9HTCZ5t-N3Rm3-HA&feature=share&index=4] Michael mentions, Chromoscope.net where you can view the Milky Way through various frequencies.. this is one of my favs…. Microwave!

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 7.37.37 PMThanks for looking!

2 thoughts on “Imagine if you could see everything.

  1. I can tell you have great excitement about this. Personally, I would like to hear the music you heard in your mind more than a recording. Perhaps you can interpret what goes on inside you and produce some music that reflects the inspiration. The way you described the sounds you heard is what interested me.

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