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So, this is on it’s way

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get the AF138 operational as a Vitrigraph kiln.
The Caldera is made for Vitrigraph!
It arrives tomorrow 🙂 so, I can get the show on the road!! Speaking of getting the show on the road..
I just received word this afternoon that I was awarded the OAC’s Craft Projects: Creation & Development grant!!! I am stunned. In shock and feel like (what I imagine) it would be like to win the lottery.
Grateful and hugely thankful for this opportunity!!

Thank you to the jurors!!
This year of the horse is starting out well.

4 thoughts on “Floored!

  1. I am proud of you, I know you deserve it and will create awesome lovelies, nice going! It’s freezing Here, so those ice heels would fit right in ~

    1. Thank you, Starrylinx!!
      It is freezing here, too. And while you might expect Canada to be in a deep freeze 24/7
      This winter has been BRUTAL!!
      Caught in the Vortex! Huge hugs!! ❤

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