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Murrine. At. Last.

Super excited to say- the kiln arrived!!
Today I set it up and fired ‘er up! Woo!

Murrine was pulled!

Happy to say the vermiculite board didn’t crack this time. 🙂
The stack worked and I pulled various bullseyes. I will share pics of those as soon as they’re cut!
For the pot fill/stack, I started by cutting a bunch of circles/discs.

3 inch on up to 6.5 inch.
Stacked exactly as shown in the image, the pull was red in the center, off white and grey and gradually went plum on the outside to black in the center. Super cool! I have tons of stack ideas.
I plan on fusing different colours, cutting them and stacking. Bundling murrine, tack fusing and pulling.

20140212-000122.jpgI pulled over fifty cane, all approximately 20″ in length.
And still have plenty of glass left in the pot. Looking forward to tomorrow and pulling more!!
Thanks for visiting!

Thank you to the Ontario Arts Council and the Glass Art Association of Canada for their support!



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