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So tonight I’m pulling the first stack I set up of cut squares – actually the whole stack melted into a pool of colour but, we’ll see what happens! Hopefully the pot hasn’t busted!!
Meanwhile, here’s some stacks I’m getting ready for tomorrow!

20140212-213142.jpgthe above stack I’m stacking lighter colours on the bottom fading into more of a monochrome. I have some transparent red that strikes to colour in the kiln… Not sure what will happen but I’ve giving it a go anyways.
Next pot is green:

Here’s some of the lovely green I managed to pull 🙂

Pulled a bunch from the green pot. This pull was different than the others- in that one (or more) of the colours was stiffer and effected the pulls, making them thicker. Which was a good thing!
The square stack pot (that melted all together) didn’t really pull out into bullseye patterns. And after maybe eight pulls the glass went immediately in to straw pulling mode. Oh! I forgot to mention, when you reach the end of a pot pull the glass starts pulling thin tubes, or straws 🙂 kind cool but, not sure what I can do with them. They’re so thin.

Back to pulling!!



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