Spring time in Toronto

It’s a gorgeous, early Spring afternoon here in Toronto. Temperature outside 12c
Glass in the kiln. A mix of neo-lavender and kelp green powders…

Algal bloom

Building upon my ever growing cellular, sea slug, coral-like,  algal bloom, I thought I’d pay my friends over at Morphologic Studio a visit.

Well, it’s inspiration while I wait for the kiln to ramp up 😉

AND I wasn’t disappointed! The Coral crew have put together a bit of a medley of their past work in what they’re calling, Natural History Redux.

Check it out (I’ve included a link to the Vimeo video & their website below) as usual please don your headphones, or turn up the volume for some lovely ambient treats.

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/85941686]


…I still imagine myself shrunk down in size, wearing a protective exo-skeleton-anti-gravitional suit and having crazy adventures on the back of Oyster. 🙂

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