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New Mexico or BUST! & other meanderings…

Wow. Just to think- this time next week I will be heading to San Francisco via the Coast Starlight. First (short) stop in Seattle, visit some friends-colleagues, show Andrei around the touristy areas. Eat radioactive sushi then, leave bright and early Monday morn..
I haven’t left Canada for the States since ’11! mounties
Also, I haven’t been away from the kittens since, well, they were kittens! Separation anxiety!
This whole trip is about opening a Time Capsule in Taos, New Mexico. A storage unit full of jewellery equipment, tools, stones, display cases, an old gallery sign, my fav combat boots, books, and who knows what remains! I haven’t been back to NM since … ’04?? Yikes!
That said, I am in hustle mode finishing up new work, old work, tying up loose ends, finishing classes- CRAZY TOWN! :O

Friday I set up a new Vitrigraph pull, and tomorrow I’m going to attempt a pull with silver foil, and Tekta. The silver foil might fume the glass, we will have to wait and see.
Meanwhile, Here are pics from the cane pull I completed on Friday. I am still in love with the unexpected nature of Vitrigraph pulls. The stack used for this cane was primarily clear (tekta) 3 red strikers, at least 15 streaky white, and 1 elephant grey. As the cane was pulled it came out a dark graphite, slowly cooling to transparent plasma reds.whitePullI’ve been fascinated by paper quilling, and paper artists, Elsa Mora, Peter Callesen, Yulia Brodskaya, and Lisa Nilsson‘s anatomical studies (images shown below from her Tissue series)da9a0173d3668c169ff3ea4f799f6c4a2fca022579ab4411b180787aa056205b Lisa’s paper work in particular reminds me of murrine. While building structures based on molecular biology, with my hand pulled cane, I have also been playing with anatomical-like formations so, clearly seeing Lisa Nilsson’s work while browsing This is Colossal, blew me away!.
My current vitrigraph pull is perfect, colour wise. 🙂

Hand pulled cane.
Hand pulled cane.

Thanks for stopping by!

Shout out to the Glass Art Association of Canada for their support, and the Ontario Arts Council for allowing me time to focus on Creation & Development!

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