Saturday brunch: glass pancakes pt 1

Back from my U.S. Tour 😜 visiting good friends, eating amazing food and drinking tremendous wines and fancy drinks!
Inspired conversations, observations- visiting the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco (it’s been well over 25 years!).

Neil deGrasse Tyson‘s film on Dark Matter blew me away! DARK MATTER!!!

Japanese Tea Garden, Golden Gate Park

The Skulls exhibit was impressive, and of course the aquarium. 🙂

Roof Top Garden, California Academy of Sciences

AND we spent an afternoon in the Botanical Gardens (panorama below). There’s a lovely redwood grove there (southwest corner) where I spent at least an hour immersed in the Douglas Fir bark (inspiration towards the Etsy Metal charm swap!)

Botanical Gardens in Golden Gate Park- pano – south side

Our final day in San Francisco I took Andrei across the GG bridge into Marin. Pronounced Merr-in 😉
Showing him where I grew up, went to high school, the redwoods, we drove out to Point Reyes and hung out on the beach for a bit, making kelp horns.

kelp cluster- Point Reyes

Sadly, Andrei didn’t film me playing my ginormous kelp horn-like a boss! But, here’s Andrei tearing up the seaside with jelly jazz

Oh yeah! Glass pancakes… What’s that about? Well, when I returned to my nano-studio I mixed up a batch of glass powders. ….to be continued..

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