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Saturday brunch [on Monday]: Glass Pancakes pt 2

I don’t know what it is exactly about Dark Matter (& the Dark Universe) but, it gets me super excited!!

Part 1 of my, short tales travelling through six States (US States), mentioned my enthusiasm concerning the Morrison Planetarium’s screening of the Dark Universe, narrated by Neil de-badass-Tyson. I thought I would share more on Dark Matter before launching off with further image uploads and short expletives.

Dark Matter!
Dark Matter! This model/image, to me, looks like a neural net. In a sic-fi world I imagine the whole universe as one vast mind- the planets, nebulas, etc., thoughts- synapses.

Distribution of dark matter in the universe, as simulated with a new, high-resolution algorithm at the Kavli Institute of Particle Astrophysics & Cosmology (KIPAC) at Stanford University and SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. (Via To model what we can’t see: the distribution of dark matter.

Credit: AMNH. They also have a friendly video introducing dark matter: [youtube] Curious…  Ok. Back to glass pancakes! 

While I’m fairly certain this technique is nothing new, it is new for me. Working with glass as if I were baking. Anna Boothe (who I studied with in ’08 at UG) mentioned having a baking (pastry chef) background, or interest (I can’t recall!). Anyways, since working with Pâte de verre generally utilizes a thick binder (for holding the glass paste in vertical moulds) I thought to make mine the consistency of pancake batter.  Rather than mixing the glass into the binder, I allowed the binder to soak into the glass. For the 2nd piece I poured the thick binder onto aluminum foil (wax paper works as well) and then sifted the glass onto the binder-blob until it no longer appeared wet. I let both ‘pancakes’ dry over night.  Next day I carefully removed the glass wafers and put them in the kiln. 600º to Full temp (1300º) soak at Full for 15 minutes then, annealing stage.  The 1st pancake solidified into a full fuse look. The 2nd pancake did what I’d hoped- stayed very thin, texture was still visible and the edges curled ever so slightly. I didn’t take a picture! I cleaned off the shelf primer, and got them back into the kiln. This time around I placed course frit (Bullseye clear 001101-0003-F) on the surface full ramp t0 1250º, soak for 10 minutes then, ramp to anneal.

Glass pancakes. Bullseye 001332-0008-F-P005
Glass pancakes. Bullseye 001332-0008-F-P005
Bullseye pancake on left: 000132-0001-F-P005 (driftwood) with sprinklings of chartreuse, amber, and sienna
Bullseye pancake on left: 000132-0001-F-P005 (driftwood) with sprinklings of chartreuse, amber, and sienna

Tomorrow I will upload the outcome of the next step- using the course frit.

…to be continued (All that Dark Matter tuckered me out!!

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