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Blog-o-sphere Think Tank July Topic: Animals, Human & otherwise.

This month Blog-o-sphere Think Tank asks about our interactions with animals.
Suggestions were:
“The importance of animals in my life.”
“Why I love animals.”
“The benefits of sharing my life with animals.”

Humans like to remove themselves from the ‘animal’ kingdom. (I agree with Greta Christina’s thoughts on this & please, check out her article on the Human Animal!)
Believing Human relationship with Nature is that Nature was made for us. Animals, plants, even the sun and the moon and the planet itself… all were made for Humans to use. To subdue, to have dominion over, as Genesis 1:28 so charmingly puts it. Every single living thing on the planet — they’re all just one big all- you- can- eat buffet, laid out specially for the human race.

…I currently live with 3 cats and 1 human. 20140720-115018-42618615.jpgWe humans take care of the cats. Making sure they are fed, watered, and well. We give them tons of love. The cats: Crake, Oryx and Minx (aka Pnut), give us tons of love back. They aren’t indifferent to our snuggles. They follow me around the house, curious as to what I’m up to. They happily let us pet their bellies, paws, and play without claws out.
Articles claiming that cats don’t care = bs. If your cat doesn’t care, and doesn’t allow you to touch their bellies well, perhaps you treat your cat like a piece of furniture. Cats aren’t subservient like dogs. That said, I’m not attempting to start a dog vs cat thing here. Cats chose to hang with us Humans. Ok. Cats most likely recognized the benefits but, I also believe and have experienced real affection that goes beyond wanting me to fill a food bowl.
Don’t forget, Humans are an animal species: in the primate order, in the mammalian class, in the vertebrate sub-phylum. Humans are a product of evolution; a product of Nature.
I see myself as a part of nature — not separate from it, not above it or isolated from it, but deeply woven into it, as deeply woven as coral and bats and tulips and algae (to borrow from Greta again) 🙂 perhaps this is why I have such a strong bond and connection with the cats (& Human) in my life.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂
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6 thoughts on “Blog-o-sphere Think Tank July Topic: Animals, Human & otherwise.

  1. Totally agree. 🙂 They choose to be with us, and choose to interact with us, choose to enjoy our companionship – because we are treating them as living , thinking beings, with respect. Not to be used and plundered.

  2. I like being part of the animals and having a human experience. You know after having a couple of kids I find that it’s really difficult to see any being as different from me. I feel lucky that we want to bow together.

    I love that big photo of your cats. They look like sages.

    Catherine Witherell

    1. Thanks, Catherine! The real sagely one is hiding her gaze (black blob) the other two are just punks! 😉
      I love these beasts something fierce! Sometimes I wish we could trade consciousness for a day… actually they probably wouldn’t enjoy the Human experience too much. Though they might like riding a bicycle.. and chocolate, yeah, they’d like that!

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