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little dumbo octopus

For more information please visit the Okeanos Explorer site!
Look at this little Octo’s coiled legs! 🙂 Apparently this posture hasn’t been observed before. That said, how often are Human beings down at the bottom of the ocean in this little octo’s garden? Dumbo octo probably strolls around like this frequently. Perhaps similar to when we fold our arms in thought, or when we are cold. Who knows? 🙂 Sure is cute though.

Meanwhile, I watched the video above (available for download off the Ocean Explorer website) and thought Dumbo needed music… Immediately Aquarium, from Le carnaval des animaux (by Camille Saint-Saëns) came to mind! I’ve been playing around with my own rendition of Aquarium for a long time. The version I added to the video is by no means my final take! I just thought, maybe this is why little octo’s arms are folded… somewhere in the ocean sound waves Aquarium is playing softly. 😉

Please consider signing this GreenPeace petition Short link offered below. The Earth’s oceans don’t belong to Human beings. Sadly, the oceans are in need of help, the life that lives within them are in danger. As you watch little Dumbo swim in solitude please, consider how sad this world would be without them. Then SIGN!! Thanks

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