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Blog-o-Sphere August: Periods of Solitude

August’s topic: 

Do you carve out any periods of solitude in your day, week or month that you do something just for you? (Uninterrupted time periods to do what you want to nourish your soul.)

Do you meditate, create, relax or whatever?

(If yes, why? If no, are you thinking about it?)

Lately, it seems my periods of solitude involve me – at home – hanging out with my cats, in my garden forever weeding, or contemplating/pondering a next step concerning my work. Listening to music and meditating … for me listening to music is a form of meditation and a mental yoga.

strolling along the seaside in Vík í Mýrdalur
strolling along the seaside in Vík í Mýrdalur

Or hanging out in a forest or at the beach. If I was financially independent I would own land somewhere smack dab, in the middle of raw nature (like Iceland for instance) and have a small studio set-up. No one around for kilometres! 🙂 Quiet, just bird sound, and wind…  While this post doesn’t really share my carving out time, for myself, for solitude. I am aware that technology isn’t adding to my sense of solitude and my ability to BE alone and recharge. I often think a move to the middle of (nowhere) raw nature, like mentioned above, is what would truly bring me solitude. mosslake Thanks for stopping by! Until next time please, check out other Blog-O-Sphere members’, Periods of Solitude. Maybe add yours in the comments below 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Blog-o-Sphere August: Periods of Solitude

    1. Iceland is pure beauty. There’s so much life around you, no time to feel alone in a lonely sort of way (at least for me, that is)
      I love the concept of finality 🙂 however, I’d have to say, Iceland felt infinite!

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