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Seasonal Shifts

October’s Blog-o-sphere Think Tank’s topic: “Seasonal shifts….Do you enjoy the changing of the seasons?”


If you plan on reading this through please (!), listen to spacEKraft while doing so

Biking through Bickford Park
Biking through Bickford Park

I love Fall, and Winter and the beginning of Spring and Summer then, that’s it. Summer in Toronto is too humid for me.
But Fall? Sigh. Nothing I love more (than Pnut) are long bike rides through the city, through parks and down the Rail Path.

Work Cycle. I <3 this bike!
Work Cycle. I ❤ this bike!

The trees are on fire with colour! While I occasionally miss the golden coin-like leaves of Aspen trees in the Southwest- nothing beats Canadian maples for fiery flaming orange and reds!
Picnics are still an option with warm blankets laid out, and we (Andrei and I) bring our sleeping bags! It’s lovely. The air is crisp and fresh. Halloween is near and if you’ve experienced Halloween then, ya know what I’m talking about! Plus it’s perfect weather for roasting marshmallows!!

Vegan, GF marshmallows!
Vegan, GF marshmallows!

and drinking hot cocoa. The cocoa shown is my own mash-up of Kakawa’s Mayan Full Spice (found here) some yumminess I brought back with me from my trip to Santa Fe in July. Mixed with SOMA chocolate‘s Malt dark chocolate elixir, and organic cocoa powder. YUM.
SOUPS! I love making soup during the Fall into Winter. Roasting parsnips and beets, cauliflower, brussels sprouts. The harvest.

Biking Bickford
Biking Bickford

A little sleepy, sometimes the skies darken early from rain. Winter is a magical time for me. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and never really knew snow (unless Mount Tam received a light dusting) until my twenties when I moved to Taos, New Mexico. Anyways, my experience with snow came from Moominland Midwinter and a highly active imagination! 🙂

Everyone needs to read “Moominland Midwinter” written and illustrated by Tove Jansson. Here are  Moomintroll and Too-ticky with a snow lantern (a candle within a pyramid of snowballs).

Well, I will leave you with that for now 🙂

Day of the Dead stuff!
Day of the Dead stuff!

I’m off to make sugar skulls!! 😉
Please check in with my fellow Think Tank Bloggers and see what seasonal shifts they like (or dislike).
Cheers! and Happy Fall!!

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