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December’s topic asks: What would you really like to learn?

Maths Super, crazy, high-octante, MATHS Maths allowing me to express my concepts on reality, otherworldly dimensions and black holes. It’s a thing. A skill set I do not own. So, you may well ask- what maths are you in need of to hold the title,  Theoretical Physicist? There’s an online guide to the mathematics necessary… Continue reading December’s topic asks: What would you really like to learn?

Artist Residencies · creation & developement 2014-15

…parts of myself pt3…

Aquarian Audio is sending me a Hydraphone! For use during my residency in Laugarvatn. Oh yeah, did I mention the artist residency ??! The Gullkistan residency is located in Laugarvatn, a small school village some 90 km east of Reykjavík. It is in an agricultural area, close to some of the most popular touristic sites… Continue reading …parts of myself pt3…

creation & developement 2014-15 · Inspiration/Musings

…parts of myself…pt 2

Clay. The concept of incorporating glass+clay gets me so dang excited! I’ve added inclusions to glass in the past; copper wire, fine silver crocheted into balls, self primer, high temp wire, but NOW my mind is swirling with possibilities! OK so, there are things I can’t do at home and things I can’t do at the… Continue reading …parts of myself…pt 2