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Iceland or Bust II

OM Thor’s beard!!  The campaign has reached its goal!!!  Shouting out the Immigrant Song as sung by Karen O!!  

Sending immediate thank you’s and hugs to the family members, friends, supporters and allies that took the time to check out my KickStarter campaign, pledge money and/or share the campaign link! Immense gratitude!

Valkyries: Charles Teran!! Charlie!!!!! my cousin! and Melissa Cable!!!
Elves: Kris Bovenizer!!! Brigitte Martin!!
Jötnars aka GIANTS!: Heather Thorkelson!! Jodi Tanenbaum!! Beth Cyr!! Laura Hale!! Lauren Falkenberry!! Clare Stoker!!
Rán aka Sea Goddesses!: Debbie Ritchie!! Aaron Bickle!! Nick (my neighbor!) Isaac kay & Riko O!!
Huginn & Muninn: Sarah Breivis! Caitlyn Davey! Eric Brink! Catherine Winter! Isaac! Mike Betts!
The Norns: Allegra Sleep! Ceeb Wassermann! Laura Bracken!

And the friends that helped support for no reward!

  • Zoe Zimmerman
  • Tony Abeyta
  • Devon Mallory
  • Mona Cormier
  • Nancy Nelson
  • William Taggert
  • Shawne Keevan
  • Marcela Lopez
  • Theresa Kwong

Any funds that take the goal over will go towards: more shipping of art supplies to Iceland and back to Toronto, vehicle rental for deep wild field recordings (possibly even within the glacier itself! or maybe inside a volcano!!) Words really can’t express my thanks!

xoxox Takk Fyrir!!!!!

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