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Experimenting towards Iceland

Bird form made of porcelain, bisque fired then dipped into Obvara mixture. I’ve been making very simple, fetish-like forms out of porcelain and flax paper clay to experiment with different Obvara mixtures.
Current Obvara experiment – started this last night, Jan 11th. 2015/01/img_2609-11.jpg2tbs sugar, 1tbs active yeast, cup of rye and kefir water I started a couple weeks ago. My kefir turned out weird, but I wonder(ed) if the yeast and kefir will effect the clay, and how. This current batch is alive! Bubbling away. Now it will sit for another 2 days, fermenting away. Clay forms are drying at the studio…
I’ve been receiving emails from lovely supporters and allies interested in the rewards I’m offering to Backers.
If you are interested in the upper level rewards being offered; Jötnar, Elf, Valkyrie or higher
These limited edition and one-off pieces will only be available through my Kickstarter campaign. Again, yes the goal has been met and in fact gone a little over, however, the goal amount does not represent the total expenses involved in the art residency.

Field recordings:

Travel to the Bifrost. The 3,000 year old lava fields covered in moss that is over a foot thick.
From dawn to dusk I plan to fill a couple smart cards

Myvatn crater, lake, bubbling mud and Krafla. Day long recordings around the area.

Jokulsarlon. From the glacier to the lagoon. As the sun rises to when it sets, the entire day will be full of hydrophone recordings and various field recordings.

Possible excursion to Greenland or the Faroe Islands.

Kickstarter goal amount will cover:
Carfac certificates of origin (so I am not charged taxes, duty/Customs when my work travels back into Canada).
Shipping via Canada Post, Iceland Post
Garbage can Raku kiln- galvanized steel garbage can, refractory materials (fibre cloth, kiln bricks), nichrome wire, dragon burner, regulator, propane tank

Vehicle rental, gasoline ($8 a liter!)
Tour guide in order to go into the glacier

I’m kind of hoping one of the volcanoes will still be blowing lava when I’m there. That is an experience I would love to have. 🙂 seeing the volcano erupting live, in person.

3 thoughts on “Experimenting towards Iceland

  1. Great post.

    Xo just got in to park city a little while ago. Everything looks sugar frosted like a snow shaker globe gone atomic.


  2. This bird is really lovely. It has a quality I like of being fine and primitive at the same time. I like the stains. They have that remarkable feeling of the mixtures that are of the earth, sands, oxides, grit that has been tumbled and recombined by millennial forces. Very beautiful!

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