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Working towards Iceland

Woke up early this fine Caturday, made a Bulletproof Coffee for myself and headed into the studio downstairs (not nanopod).


and proceeded to open Live and create some beats and pads. Andrei recently bit the bullet and upgraded our version of Ableton Live AND purchased Push. Push is an extraordinary tool for music creation! Anyways, I’ve been playing with it occasionally- when I have a moment or two…


Last night I made this sketch towards an idea thats been in my head for years…

Obviously, this is only a beginning! Also jazzed that this upgrade came with Max. Limitless possibilities 🙂

I’ve also been building up work to ship over to Iceland – in hopes of re-visiting/inventing Venus.

Sea-Goddess Chopines, wax
Sea-Goddess Chopines, wax

These Chopines will at last be cast in glass with copper inclusions. Hoping the copper interacts with the clear glass, creating turquoise ‘blooms’.  Oh, and I have been studying Icelandic! 🙂 Sjáumst!

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