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Hvaðan ert þú ?

The excitement grows daily. Asking myself, Hva∂an ert þú? (Where are you from?) I suppose I am still searching… Maybe I would actually ask: Hva∂an ég þú? or þar er ég frá?

8 days remaining for the Iceland or Bust kickstarter campaign. Backers have been considerably generous, to say the least. Every penny is almost accounted for!

Once the artist residency ends I will be heading out to Jökulsárlón spending a day around the lagoon, Skaftaféll and then back to where the ice meets the sea for sunset (fingers crossed it will be a relatively clear and beautiful day!) conducting field recordings and dropping the Hyrdophone into the lagoon.
A friend wrote me the other day suggesting I have some fun while I am in Iceland- making sure it is not all about work. HA! I can honestly say- this massive work and every second of it WILL BE FUN! Even when obstacles arise. Just being in Iceland. This morning I was thinking, remembering when I was last there, how the land always felt like it was giving me a big warm hug. Really. Maybe that sounds like I am a total hippy, but it is true. I really had a profound sense of returning home. Only other time I’ve felt that way was the first time I visited Taos, New Mexico- and I ended up living in New Mexico for 13 years! 🙂

Here’s a map of the trip (from Magenta showing my route and stars where I will be visiting. Reykjavik to Vik is about a 90 minute drive then another 90 minutes to Jökulsárlón.  My artist residency is in Laurgarvatn.
Meanwhile, today I am moulding this clay form. It is one of a pair. Once cast and refined a bit, it will then be slightly slumped and turned into a breastplate of sorts. 😉clay-breast
Sjaumst! Takk fyrir!

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