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Prepping towards Iceland

Goðafoss: April 2012
Goðafoss: April 2012

I am currently finishing up Metal + Glass classes, deciding (still!) what to bring/ship to Brooklyn towards further experiments and shipping remaining items over to Iceland in March (when I return from Brooklyn).
The other day I stumbled upon even more folders of images from the 2012 trip to Iceland and have started to sift through them. A couple images show me with dreads… which are sadly, long gone. My hair is now past my shoulders and ‘normal’. 😉
For the past two weeks I have been pouring slip (porcelain) over various balloon shapes. I really like the results. The results- HA! I have only managed to successfully form one pupa-like form. The other porcelain forms have split. Either the ceramic dries/shrinks faster than I can pop the internal balloon-armature, or the balloon folds in on itself (inside the ceramic) causing deep folds, which are amazing to look at -briefly- before the clay grows too thick. I am sure an experienced ceramicist knows better, how to work with this material, for now I am experimenting towards simple organic forms that will be replicated or added to, in glass and I am considering threading and stitching these forms with wool. Anyways, here is the first attempt now bisque fired.
Bulb or pupa form
Bulb or pupa form
This Bulb is very thin. fjoll1Something I am looking forward to (clearly I am looking forward to the whole experience!!!) is the midnight sun. While I won’t be there long enough to experience the true midnight sun- by May 15th the sun will be setting at 10:36pm, rising at 4:15 am! Amazingly long days. Which is fantastic!
kelp in kjalarnes
kelp in kjalarnes
Meanwhile, I have purchased a Dragon Weed Burner for the Raku kiln build at Gullkistan! and propane tanks for BBQing can be purchased and exchanged at N1 stations. Thinking I might have to ship over a garbage can lid with fiber cloth AND bricks. The local ceramic supply (in Reykjavik) is unable to help obtain items, at a lower cost then I can find through purchasing here, in Canada and shipping over.
Well, that’s all the procrastinating I can get away with for now! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

2 thoughts on “Prepping towards Iceland

  1. This form is really gorgeous, like the previous one you showed. Since they are ceramic, can glass be slumped around them to form a skin, perhaps with lighted interior? Nudge, nudge!

    1. Well, technically speaking the porcelain wouldn’t hold up – at least in this case, but yes! I can slump ove ceramic.
      And the plan is to combine glass, ceramic, metal, bone……

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