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OMG I am totally LATE!
Yesterday was a bit hellish and turned my brain to temporary mush, thus why I am late here… speaking of mush this month’s Blog-O-Sphere is about FOOD. Favourite foods, recipes, etc.
Naturally I had grand ideas for this one and they’ve fallen through a bit. Well, here goes!

I am in Brooklyn, NY and people, let me tell YOU there is food a plenty here! Tons of it. Everywhere. Why anyone is starving in the U.S of A is beyond me.

I have feasted on two so far. Planning a trek over to Hu Kitchen while I am here. 🙂
Another thing- Momofuku. Yes. They have plenty of milk bars here. AND I absolutely HAVE to try (I am not into milk from animals buuut)yeah, yeah there’s a Momofuku in TO. Big deal. Check this-they sell Crack Pie. But really I need to try their Rosemary Salted Caramel soft serve.
Insert image of me enjoying soft serve here. 😉

The other day I hiked it up to Mamaroneck (yep) to the Bullseye Glass Resource Center (why are they not in Brooklyn?!) and met some lovely people who recommended Sal’s pizza! NY Pizza? Are you kidding me??

Sal's 'zza
Sal’s ‘zza

So I headed over to Sal’s and grabbed me a slice of their Sicilian. Yummers, to be sure.

Later I went shopping for groceries. Essentials people, essentials.

BEST almond milk next to home-made, Skyr! Tumeric drinks and chocolate, what else?
BEST almond milk next to home-made, Skyr!, Tumeric drinks  and chocolate, what else?

Noticing a pattern here? I LOVE dark chocolate. And New York is full up with chocolate factories. From small batch, bean to bar to full on mass production. The Mast brothers are another chocolate I NEED to try. They make bars with goat milk and sheep milk…
FOOD. OK well, blogs I follow are: David Lebovitz and BTW so should you. He rocks food, food porn and chocolate! He can help you make amazing soups (one of my all time favs-celeriac soup!) with any of the recipes he offers and you are sure to drool over his images.

So, there ya have it. I meant to share a recipe or two then: yesterday happened.

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4 thoughts on “FOOD

  1. Finally back at my computer . . . I must get one of those chocolate bars! I like to try new chocolate bars wherever I go. I saw the little URP (ha, ha, spelled URL wrong) under the photo. I wonder if they ship?

    Thank you for the NYC foodie show & tell.

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