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Þorrablót celebrations are coming up in Toronto! The ICCT hosts a fun event. I will be working it this year, too! To start the celebrations and Spring cleaning I’m having a Spring cleaning SALE with coupon code: ICELAND2015 25% off everything in my Etsy shop.

I’ve recently returned from Brooklyn and almost a month away there- yikes! I was cat-sitting, making work/finishing work at Urban Glass and having a lot of time to contemplate the upcoming residency.

Urban Glass is a dream studio! 17,000 square feet of tools and equipment for rent at amazing prices. And now a beautiful gallery hosting and selling beautiful work.

UG’s studio has a room for every process- it seems -relating to glass. A mould room, kiln room, Hotshop, Flame-working room, coldshop, lounge, offices, lockers, showers!!, a packing area, Flatshop.. you name and they have it!

looking into the Hotshop from the Mould room
looking into the Hotshop from the Mould room



IMG_4957It would be AMAZING to have a room of kilns like this! Wow.

sea goddess chopine
sea goddess chopine

I visited the Bullseye Glass resource centre in Mamaroneck- super nice people there and tons of gorgeous glass. 🙂 AND went to the preview opening of Bjork’s MoMa exhibit. Which is amazing and honestly not to be missed, fan or not. The costumes, emotions within the work is palpable.

Bjork's Bell covered dress
Bjork’s Bell covered dress

I asked if I could take a picture or two 🙂

Back in Toronto I’ve gathered supplies for the Raku Kiln build! I am going to put it together here so I can fire it up and make sure everything works properly. Locating certain supplies in Iceland has been tricky, not to mention pretty much non-existant. That said, Iceland Air allows customers 2 checked bags weighing 50 pounds each so, guess what I am checking in? Kiln Bricks! Shipping to Iceland from Canada is crazy, nuts expensive! I sent 2 boxes to Iceland from Brooklyn containing supplies and some food items– weighing around 40lbs all together. This cost $90+ USD and arrived in Iceland within 4 days. The same would have run over $240CAD and taken forever to arrive and most likely without tracking! Uhhh, no. Hopefully Iceland’s Customs won’t find my brick packed bags too odd… haha ha.

Kiln building supplies 2 cases worth!
Kiln building supplies
2 cases worth!
Digital pyrometer reads Celsius & Fahrenheit
Digital pyrometer reads Celsius & Fahrenheit
Kiln building supplies
Kiln building supplies

OK back to work! I will post an update within the next week or two concerning the Raku Kiln, etc.

Thanks again for stopping by!

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