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It’s freezing out, still.

Last week I finally gathered the necessary ingredients to build a Raku kiln ‘photo-type’. 1/2″ fibre cloth, 2 cases of K23 kiln brick, fencing wire, galvanized steel waste bin, colloidal silica rigidizer plus a shelf, posts and digital pyrometer.

Kiln building supplies
Kiln building supplies

I thought I’d best construct one of these kilns while I am still in Toronto and test it; see if it reaches necessary temperatures, make adjustments, etc., before sending items ahead to Iceland and wing it there- not fully knowing if this is even going to work! And already being out-in-the-middle-of-no-where without easy access to supplies if needed!  It has been next to impossible to source materials and supplies in Iceland. Kiln brick are virtually non-existent and/or super expensive to order in plus, apparently ordered only once or twice a year and told me I was too late (I contacted them in January!) to place an order. SoOoo, I plan to check-in luggage full of bricks. Yep. In reality the bricks really don’t weigh that much, but would cost a ridiculous fortune to ship via Canada Post.  Anyways, I started by first wrapping the fencing around the garbage bin lid. Then I cut the fencing down to the width of the fibre cloth.


Which is 24″. Checked length (twice) and cut. IMG_0332Then the painstaking job of carefully bending up the wire fencing and carefully wiring the fibre cloth to the fencing (I used high temp element wire for this) began.

This is what the kiln looked like by Friday afternoon at 4pm (below). It took me about 90 minutes to put this together. Sadly, my spray bottle for the rigidizer died and I had prior commitments to deal with so, no spraying Friday. I sprayed the rigidizer on Saturday and have been slowly allowing it to sink into the fibre cloth and dry in the small patches of sun making its way through the freezing cold cloud cover. The lengthy aspect of this kiln build seems to be time it takes for rigidizer to dry/set. Though, I suppose I could fire the thing up and that would add to the whole ‘drying’ HA!  Meanwhile…                              Actually, the rigidizer froze. 🙂  The rigidizer is also blue! I’m guessing PSH adds the blue so no one accidentally drinks it? I’ve never used blue rigidizer before 🙂 Kind of wonder if it stays blue or fades as it dries..? Guess I will find out!

kiln before Rigidizer was applied
kiln before Rigidizer was applied

Rigidizer added. Kiln has been slooowly freeze-drying over the weekend. It is currently -10c outside. Brrr!! IMG_0354

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