Iceland: Kickstarter

Kickstarter thank YOUs, Iceland & more

55 backers pledged $5,695 to help bring this project to life! That said, I didn’t receive the full amount shown. Kickstarter takes a percentage plus, the credit card companies take a percentage, then there were banking issues.. you name it, obtaining this funding hasn’t been easy but it is no less appreciated! Massive gratitude for taking this campaign over the goal amount!

Thank you xoxoxoxox!!

Go∂ar: Charles Teran!! Charlie!!!!! My cousin! Super generous. 🙂 Thank YOU SO much for your support and believing in this adventure.
Valkyries:  Melissa Cable!!!
Elves: Kris Bovenizer!!! Brigitte Martin!!
Jötnars aka GIANTS!: Heather Thorkelson!! Jodi Tanenbaum!! Beth Cyr!! Laura Hale!! Lauren Falkenberry!! Clare Stoker!! Wendy McLean! Eric Brink!
Rán aka Sea Goddesses!: Debbie Ritchie!! Aaron Bickle!! Nick (my neighbor!) Isaac kay & Riko O!! Russell Moore! Beverly Terán! Sarah Gravel!
Huginn & Muninn: Sarah Breivis! Caitlyn Davey! Eric Brink! Catherine Winter! Isaac, Mike Betts! Aldo Pacheco! Patricia Davidson (aka PattiCakes!!) Nia Phillips! Julia Creet! Jeanne O’Connell! Johnny M! Ronald P!
The Norns: Allegra Sleep! Ceeb Wassermann! Laura Bracken! David White! Sylvia Schmidt! Tara Brennigan!

And the friends that helped support for no reward!
  • Zoe Zimmerman
  • Tony Abeyta
  • Devon Mallory
  • Mona Cormier
  • Nancy Nelson
  • William Taggert
  • Shawne Keevan
  • Marcela Lopez
  • Theresa Kwong
  • Andy Erne
  • David Berti
  • James Whitehurst
  • Jill Edmondson
  • Natalia Kaplan
  • Kerin Rose
  • Tim Nero
  • Laura Puska
Thank you to all the friends and colleagues that shared the campaign link through social media! Thank you to the ICCT for sharing the campaign link! Thank you to the Glass Art Association of Canada for sharing the campaign link on their website and in their Newsletter! Thank you to Urban Glass for allowing me some time in your amazing studios! Thank you MoMa staff for the Visitor Pass to Bjork’s exhibit and thank you for bringing me to the head of the line! Thank you, Pnut [not sure you’ll read this ;)] for always having your paw on my heart.
Thank you, Andrei for putting up with the tears, fears, anxiety, late nights and early mornings, and hugs!
Towards the end of January my mother suffered several heart attacks, was hospitalized for open heart surgery -which thankfully transformed into stint surgery- then, she suffered kidney failure due to medication(s) her doctor prescribed! She is now having to undergo hemodialysis 3 times a week (in 3 hr increments) in hopes of cleaning out all toxins from her blood dialysis 😦  I have offered up a kidney, if need be (I am O+). She sounds worn out (expected!) and not like herself – the self I’ve known for all these years. She lives in Northern California, I live in Toronto, Canada. 😦  I won’t lie, I am anxiety ridden and have been unable to sleep through the night! Up at 4:30/5am for weeks now. I teach at night! Ha. Please send my mama loving, healing energy! She was doing so well and then this and now it is like she is falling apart, becoming thread bare.

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