Iceland: Kickstarter

Raku ofn finally fired up!

Finally fired up the prototype Oven (Icelandic: Ofn) firedupand everything was going smoothly… around 800f the kiln shelf cracked. Thankfully I had set it on a tripod configuration so everything remained stable. The pyrometer seemed to have difficulties at certain temps or staying on. Not sure what was up there- need to check the booklet that came with it. I would occasionally get an OL reading and turn it off then back on – it would start up again. It took approximately 1 hr to reach 1523f  a bit longer than I like, but the speed is also what caused the shelf to crack! That said, I let everything burn at 1523 for a good 20+ minutes, glowing orange-white I decided the time had arrived.  Turned off the propane tank, removed bricks, etc., etc. then gently placed the bulbs and forms into the garbage can seen in the video. threw more shredded paper on top and put the lid on. Other items went into a stinky Obvarra mix I had fermenting for several days. PeeYooza! It stunk like cat barf (and I know what that smells like all too well) then when the roasting ceramic hit the mixture it let off a fume like, WHOA. Nasty death ocean fish from the darkest slime pit. Awful. Anyways, I carefully pulled out the Obvarra’d items and put one into the garbage can and threw shredded wood on top- lid closed. Wait.

Now I smell like a campfire! Time to shower- again and head into town! I have classes to teach! 🙂

Thank for stopping by….

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