Artist Residencies · creation & developement 2014-15 · Iceland: Kickstarter

Trip to Laugarvatn

Vatn means water.

I split taxi faire with two artists also heading to Gullkistan. Turns out Gull means: gold. Kistan means chest. Chest of gold (think pirate treasure) is where I am staying and that is the name of one of the mountains near-by.

Day 2 (Gullkistan): Everyone went to bed early last night. it was nice to be alone in the studio space… though I ended up crashing fairly early as well.

I kept waking up every hour to look outside and up into the sky as there have been aurora alerts but, cloud cover. This morning I woke up thanks to a birdy out my window singing a lovely tune 🙂 sadly I didn’t manage to capture his singing but I looked out and watched these funny birds
kind of creeping about, looking for worms maybe? They are shaped similar to ravens but their undersides are white and they have long, narrow, pointy, super orange beaks. 🙂
So, I got up and made coffee, and had some AB mjolk with some nuts. AB mjolk isn’t yogurt and isn’t kefir but somewhere in between- it is really nice! Comes plain or flavoured. I have strawberry and mixed fruit. 🙂
After the coffee was ready I brought it all back into my bedroom, which is off the kitchen and called the “Ommu herbergi room. Ha! I got the grandma room 😉 the room use to belong to this Grandma a long time ago, I suppose she ran the farm??  then I ran out to the studio to check on my clay forms- the clay is acting weird. Either it is always this way or perhaps was frozen and thawed too many times?  Or maybe it seems so different because it is heavily grogged? Not certain. It doesn’t release easily from my mould or dry quickly on the balloons. Positive and negatives…. I need to bus it back into Reykjavik to hit up Glit for tongs, bricks and possible slip.
It is raining out this morning, my windows look like rivers… I am unable to upload photos for some reason, hopefully later. I apologize for the non-image related post.
I might hang out in the main house today and crochet diatoms. Off in the distance sits Hekla; the door to hell.

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