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favourite book

THIS is a tricky topic. I have read many books that I could call a favourite. And, I am certain there are many I have yet to read or may never read, that would be considered favourites. One thing is for certain, I love to read.

While some of my friends read a book or two a week!! I read in clumps. Generally once year, I just suddenly find myself reading in mass. An annual book binge. While it felt like book binge time was coming on a month ago, it was merely a false reading. Hahaaaerrrr. 😉 Perhaps it has to do (this current non-reading) with my learning a new language and focussing on that? However, I have been kind of skimming Alexandra Horowitz’s, On Looking; a walker’s guide to the art of observation. Cant say yet whether it is a fav, but will keep you posted. 🙂

That said, I really enjoyed Radix and have been thoroughly surprised this book hasn’t been film optioned. Radix is about transformation. A bit metaphysical.. anti-hero turned hero. Read it in the 80’s, with Vangelis’ Spiral playing on repeat. Revisited it in the mid 90’s and believe I am due a re-read again! [youtube] IF you are into the Sci Fi genre, please check it out.

Meanwhile, please check out my colleagues and was their favourite read(s) are!


Andes Cruz:

Marie Bell ::

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