Artist Residencies · creation & developement 2014-15 · Iceland: Kickstarter


2015-04-19 12.17.47Approximately 20 days left. Already this brings a heaviness to my heart. My time away brings the awareness forward…  While in the end I was in love with Taos, New Mexico I was happy to move on, break up. Iceland feels profound, like coming home. Like my first time visiting Taos. And while I enjoy Reykjavik, the country is where I long to be.UdvUYVCR8OSxT4ywibLvQjFnEbra5sjI4UUUS1guYSc,Qurmq-3pHIpOgvmWpFmv9n4oEAS0SvpsK7XH-XCXM1Y

That said, yesterday I returned to Gullkistan after a wonderful visit with Sigrún Ólöf Einarsdóttir and her gorgeous house and studio on the beach in Kjalarnes. Sigrún spoiled me with her incredible hospitality and generosity. I met her sister and collaborative partner, Ólla. It was great discussing glass with Sigrún as well as various materials, methods, the art world, her travels to India.

looking out towards Reykjavik



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