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otherworldy time travels

Andrei and I camped out at the glacial lagoon. On the ocean side. Thankfully, I woke at 4am, just in time to quickly move our vehicle before the tide over took us! This was definitely a water filled day. I snapped the image above as I recorded the water sounds. Sinking the hydrophone between the… Continue reading otherworldy time travels

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window space

May topic:  “Share with us a little window in to your space/life/home.”  (could be pics of your studio, favourite tools, garden, walk in closet, kitchen. Whatever little corner you want to talk about! ) Hmmm. When I first signed on for this month’s BoSTT I had in mind to write a lengthy piece on ‘my’ corner of… Continue reading window space

Artist Residencies · creation & developement 2014-15 · Iceland: Kickstarter · Unclassified

dream time

the days here are growing long as my time here grows short.  full disclosure: I do not want to return to Toronto. It’s beautiful here. And as most of you know, who ever actually reads this, I love Iceland and think you could pretty much plop me down anywhere on the island and I would… Continue reading dream time