Artist Residencies · creation & developement 2014-15 · Iceland: Kickstarter · Unclassified

dream time

11214149_10155487540130117_6342567273639066684_nthe days here are growing long as my time here grows short.  full disclosure: I do not want to return to Toronto. It’s beautiful here. And as most of you know, who ever actually reads this, I love Iceland and think you could pretty much plop me down anywhere on the island and I would be in bliss. The remoteness. The pair of Oystercatchers that creep around early evening, listening for worms. I will miss them. Or the sound of the Snipes over the mossy marshlands. The swans gliding around the lake. The kitties would love it here, too! They could roam and run and play outside, no predators, nothing to fear as long as they are far from the road.  Ok. I’m sure I will have several surreal days when I’m back in TO. And I do look forward to pouring the stream of inspiration out of my head and subconscious,  into metal and glass forms. Cast glass forms. I’ve been experiencing extremely lucid dreams for the past week. The island visited me, in human form. “I can make love to you…” the being said. I just kissed its chiseled cheek bones, forehead, nose, and said, “No, just allow me to love you.” Needless to say, the island was an extraordinarily gorgeous … man? woman? Neither and both and not in a kinky way. Giant in height with a musculature that was nothing like I’ve ever seen. Then, I was at the lake. I could hear Snipes around me, a beautiful high fluted sound of bird song and my hands felt dry. I looked at them and my skin was changing. Ice that grew around the lakes edge was growing up onto me, as my lower arms and hands gradually grew Birch bark, moss covered in places, with lichen. My reflection appeared in the lake, but it was not the me that I am familiar with. The sun woke me, it was just before 4am. I’ve recorded a lot of bird song here. Tons, in fact. I am looking forward to what Andrei conjures up.  Andrei will be here in a week! I am really looking forward to our adventures together.


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