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window space

May topic:  “Share with us a little window in to your space/life/home.” 

(could be pics of your studio, favourite tools, garden, walk in closet, kitchen. Whatever little corner you want to talk about! )


Hmmm. When I first signed on for this month’s BoSTT I had in mind to write a lengthy piece on ‘my’ corner of Iceland. A glimpse through a window I want, and hope to open wide. However, while that sentiment remains, I am back in Toronto finishing up my post… the window needs cleaning.

My head full of images from my time away (I want to write, ‘my time living in Iceland’ All caps!). My heart full of warm smiles, from this time away and memories of pure, raw beauty and quietude. Sometimes when I am home, in Toronto I imagine that the outside is another place… Once upon a time, just yesterday it seems, I visited a place called Taos. Taos filled my senses. Filled my heart, my head, my eyes, my nose and mouth. Eventually, I would leave Taos to move to a land of plenty. Plenty of material gain, plenty of food, plenty of people, plenty of pollution. Plenty(full) of angry people, some happy, too.. I think.

One day I flew to Iceland. Iceland fills my senses. Fills my heart, my head, my eyes, my nose and my mouth. Like Taos once felt, Iceland feels. Home. N0NlPSeLjPKKkwxLlZxrT493VWJ_OzRxHBY3IoUdJYs


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7 thoughts on “window space

  1. Tosca: your starting line made me instantly smile. And I love the fluidity with which you let such remarkably different places/cultures ‘fill your senses’. a beautiful window into you. thankyou for sharing it 🙂

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