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Otherworldly time travel, pt III

First of all, Tanya Tagaq. How is it that I am only now hearing her incredible energy, power, sound?

I experienced her during Apocalypsis, which of itself is a once in a lifetime, wholly incredible experience. Tanya performed or was, the Old Woman.  After the Whore of Babylon’s demise and thus, the end times, somewhere in the distance a baby cried/screamed in pain (?) or hunger or… whatever the emotion/physicality of the cries’ origin what came next was nothing less than blood chilling/curdling, spine tingling, lizard brain awakening, breathtaking. It is clearly difficult to describe in words. Deep vocal, throat, guttural, primordial to angelic, whispering, crying, birthing ripping out your guts- Inuit throat singing. Holy. Shit.    Tanya Tagaq has a ‘newish’ album out which I need to obtain, Animism. Go and check her out NOW. Seriously.

Meanwhile, digging through the clutter of one of my drawers. Ha! I located my tube of Urushi (aka Toxicodendron vernicifluum). Years back a student, Yuji brought back some special, best quality Urushi to gift me with. At the time he wasn’t aware of my allergies to all things 🙂 and Urushi is in the poison ivy family so, he felt bad. But that isn’t going to stop me! Nope, hives aside I wore a mask and nitrile gloves when I first opened the tube. It reminded me of blood when it hits oxygen (or vice/versa) it came out an interesting deep red(?) and almost immediately went black.

My bones: bones Most of the bones shown were created in Iceland during my residency at Gullkistan. Courtesy of my cat, Oryx some are now broken. 🙂 Fine. She wanted to play with them, eat them. These broken pieces allow me the opportunity to practice Kintsugi – golden joinery. I keep producing these bones. Adding sand from the Arabian Gulf, India, emeralds from Columbia (I had asked for sand but they forgot and last minute bought me a bag of emeralds!), Iceland, California, and other locations. I am beginning to view the bones as markers, or possibly time capsules of some sort. Holding fragments of the Earth during the 21st century, made of earth and of course bones representing life & death an armature holding us in this world.
The Kintsugi suggests the importance of healing, fixing the broken, amplifying the beauty of imperfection.

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