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Blog-O-Sphere July Topic: Where would you like to visit this summer?

As I write this it is currently 25c with humidity at 74%, no precipitation.
Meaning = HOT
Planning to picnic later with friends in High Park… remains to be seen.

So, where would I like to visit this summer? I am not a fan of summer. Yeah, sure I am a summer baby n’all, my birthday rearing its ugly head soon (just kidding, it is not ugly). Personally I prefer cooler climates and YEAH yeah you might think Canada is a blizzard storm full of moose and lumberjacks but, that is just a lie. A terrible lie.
As some of you know, I love working with hot materials or materials that require fire and some extreme temperatures to form and flow. Not a great idea then, Toronto with its mad summer heat and humidity and NO air conditioning in your studio.. not to mention home. At least when I lived in Taos there was 1. NO humidity. Dryer than a cast iron pan sitting in an Arroyo for decades, rusted out, tumble weeds blowing past. That is until 2. Monsoons come in mid-June. Every day around 3pm Mountain time- rain. Bucket loads. I hear that doesn’t really happen any more, though. Drought. Crazy fires. Which brings me back to where would I like to visit vs where would I rather be come summertime? Can you take a guess?N0NlPSeLjPKKkwxLlZxrT493VWJ_OzRxHBY3IoUdJYs
2015-05-10 20.29.35

That or visiting Pluto’s heart shape.

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9 thoughts on “Blog-O-Sphere July Topic: Where would you like to visit this summer?

  1. Iceland…. I am so with you on all that “not liking summer heat thing” – I DETEST it! Also loved your descriptions of Taos summer. Makes me homesick!

      1. I saw a post of a place called makers studio or something. ( probably totally different male) looked like it was in Brodsky bookshop, if I recall.

    1. You HAVE to visit Iceland! Hoping Iceland goes out of fashion πŸ™‚ there are SO many tourists and sadly, people disrespecting the nature there. 😦 I suggest going for a visit before fences are put up and fees charged to see!

  2. i am SO wanting to visit iceland, someday….!
    i am not a fan of summer, i love winter, but mister pencilfox is not a fan of winter. i suppose we shall have to compromise when we travel….!

    lovely post. and, YES :: pluto’s heart shape….!!

  3. I’m like a doggie with it’s nose sticking outside the window of a rolling car! I like to drive places, especially when the car has a/c and there are places to stop and see the sights. The heat zaps my energy so I like to take it easy on the really hot days. We’re having a short heatwave here in the SF Bay Area this week. I was out getting frozen yoghurt. Real life solution. Your photos of Iceland are gorgeous!

    1. My A/C is the wind or a breeze when I bike from point A to B
      I miss the SF Bay… Use to be out on a boat – almost ALL the time when I lived there πŸ™‚

  4. Gosh! need you ask…aren’t you already a native of Iceland?? πŸ˜‰ I love summer….48 degrees in delhi and I still love it…but I have to say, having seen some of your posts from Iceland…you make it the next best destination πŸ™‚

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