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random thoughts

screen printing on glass
screen printing on metal

sandblasting and carving glass

tig or mig= pros & cons of both

bringing a kiln home

A co-Gullkistan-AiR, conspirator and colleague, Susan Williams shared some fun images she took when I was setting up the kiln for its 1st firing. Some deserve to be flip-booked, anyways, here are a couple 🙂  FYI it was COLD this day and very windy. Haha- it is windy every day in Iceland 😉

funky raku/obvara kiln. I am wearing nitrile gloves bc the rigidizer is nasty stuff!
The amazing Obvara-Raku kiln! These puppies sell for around $300-500USD so, I checked giant bags (courtesy of Icelandair) and built my own way out in Laugarvatn.
What’s all the fuss? You may well wonder. This. Here I am dunking and dipping bisque fired clay (re-fired to 1650f) into my ‘Icelandic’ Obvara mixture. Mmm mmm

2 thoughts on “random thoughts

  1. love everything about this post….!….your hair, your antics, your location, and your creative activity..!

  2. Happy Birthday Wild Woman, hi Tosca, I do send you thoughts of Love, Light, Creativity and Blessings on this Special Day! Happy Birthday and may this year be filled with Awesome Ideas and Creations, health and good Companionship ~ I love the photos that come my way ~ Happy, Happy, Magic Birthday and set forth Bravely on the New Personal Decade coming – I remember we were in Taos when I reached ’49 ~ time keeps moving, flowing and going ~ Where ever you go, there you are ~ in the words of one Hip Dude – Love and Light, and something sweet ~ p.s.  my other email address is – thinking of you on this special day, tomorrow would have been the late Steve Swink’s BD, and RandyMan will be 71 on Saturday! Party on Leo’s Auntie A ~

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