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Life Forms: exploring Monorhaphis chuni

Building Monorhaphis chuni structures from powdered glass.  The image shown is from a couple years back. I am currently constructing a similar form, approximate 30 inches long by [remains to be seen]. The deadline to submit work towards Life Forms is December 10th, 2015. More and more I see my work and methodology informed through Biomicry.… Continue reading Life Forms: exploring Monorhaphis chuni

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Possibilities [future] blog o sphere

HOW DO YOU ENVISION THE POSSIBILITIES FOR THE FUTURE? Lately I’ve been carrying on about the theory of living in a ‘holographic’ universe. Some friends have freaked out a bit when I’ve mentioned this. Is this a possibility for the future? Who knows but here goes! We are living in memories. None of this, right… Continue reading Possibilities [future] blog o sphere