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Lately I’ve been carrying on about the theory of living in a ‘holographic’ universe. Some friends have freaked out a bit when I’ve mentioned this. Is this a possibility for the future? Who knows but here goes!

We are living in memories.

None of this, right now, is real. It has already happened. All of this.

The planet, every thing — does not exist. All is past, present and future…

Future. Every single letter I type out is in the future, about to happen. Subsequently marked down here, digitized/numerical. With these thoughts in words digitized here perhaps they continue on, somewhere, in numbers?

At some point I imagine (therefore it is probable) Humanity or at least myself, will catch up with our thoughts, our memories and that is a future possibility.

I do not have the memory, currently, of how to encrypt these thought[memories] here in an equation so, all of this rambling will appear as letters from the Roman alphabet for now.

Often times a feeling swells up, palpable, profound where I see myself waking up and all of this here has been a dream.

I dreamt of a beautiful place, called Earth.

Where thousands of insects buzzed, chirped, burrowed, stung, cocooned, and transformed. Where luminous beings cast spells beneath life forms called Oceans. Water.

Where heavy, barked micro-cosmic organisms grew their own Eco-systems for thousands of years, roots grasping the Earth. Hyperion.

Where winged, extraordinary reptilian feathered and not, laid eggs, built nests, soaring into the stratosphere, slithering in the soil.

Where soil manifestations gathered in frozen slumber, erupted and expanded. Sulphurous, metallic, velvet, boiling, cool and calm.

Where great muscled and maned, furred, bristled, coarse and smooth strode, galloped, and decomposed back into itself.

Quietly, all observed the species that called itself, Human.

All of this life, every organism lived in symbiosis.

Some more obvious than others.

Sadly, what wasn’t obvious to the Humans, didn’t matter. Often even the obvious, didn’t.  Matter, that is.  Humans were surrounded by genius. 

My memory is currently residing in this moment so, I am unable to tell you how this particular future (dream) unfolded. But I can tell you this. Every thing matters.  All of it.  Consider this when you rise up from your chair, or bed.  When you look around yourself.  Observe your surroundings.

This memory you live in now.  What have you done with it?  What will you do with it?  How will you proceed forward on this Earth, that was so incredibly beautiful, so incredibly full of spectacular life in an expanding universe that was merely a projection from the past, looking back at the possibilities of a future self? 

Now, maybe you will check out what some of my colleagues envision/see as ‘possibilities for the future’

Andes Cruz:


Kathleen Krucoff:

Diana Bell:

8 thoughts on “Possibilities [future] blog o sphere

  1. wow. simply, wow….
    i enjoy expanding my mind, “trying on” different theories and concepts….
    thank you for this post.

  2. Hi Tosca, wishing you the best, are you still in Iceland or have you returned to Canada?  Please help me, I have looked everywhere and cannot find my phone book with Beverley or Sunny’s phone numbers, as well as others – usually I remember them like glued to the cells, and I wanted to chat with your mom on her Birthday, but, as the Universe would have it, phone is lousy reception, can’t find numbers, looked online numerous ways and nada – did email via Sunny – haven’t gotten a reply – want to definitely let sweet Sister Beverley know that I am thinking of her, did send card a few days ago – I must be having some weird aspects – seldom look anymore, ’cause I am having a hard time for sure – Keep up the beautiful work – Cinderella’s glass slippers made me think of you ~ Love and Light, A

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