into November…

Working on Backer perks has been keeping me plenty busy! Then, of course I became sick with a nasty cold. Still kind of sick but working on finishing up this project in order to move on to new work!

Backer postcard sets
Backer postcard sets
progress shot
progress shot-fire polish next up SANDBLASTING!

Unlike the first postcard run I am super happy with the panorama prints! Several Backers have responded with their choice of photo to be printed out. These images are being printed onto silver metallic paper= very sexy! Almost creates a 3D effect.

Oryx contemplates Dyrhólaey.
Oryx contemplates Dyrhólaey.

The higher Backer/support levels are being sculpted individually and will be sent out within November. Seriously hope the Backers are happy with their perks! The sculptural pieces are crazy- out of this world– pieces. Remains to be seen just how -wearable- they will be LOL so, I am building removable elements within them…. we’ll see how this all works out. I always love a challenge! Meanwhile, please have a look and a listen. Uploaded some video footage and sounds to Soundcloud. Our Soundcloud needs some serious love 😉 hoping you will share and heart! ❤


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