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First of all it is the end of November! Apologies for being late with this link on the nano-blog, but here it is! 

Please take a moment to don your headphones and give this latest instalment a listen, and a heart! Even a comment on the Soundcloud site- you can add comments within the track itself. 🙂 You can even download the track for a limited time! This is the title track of an upcoming ep.

Meanwhile, the nano-Icelandic event last Thursday at nanopod studio HQ went smashingly well! Thanks again to friends & Kickstarter Backers that made it over, tried a shot (or 2) of Brennivín and/or Opal. It was a ton of fun!

So, this past weekend saw Black Friday and today is Cyber Monday. I’ve been running a sale online over the weekend, offering 20% off courses, workshops, Open Studio time cards (& my Etsy shop!). Somewhat surprising is NO one has taken advantage of this 20% off upcoming courses! Really? Well, there’s still time! Get on it! If not for yourself how about a gift certificate or two for friends and family? Geepers. 😉


Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 12.14.15.png
Click on image to be taken to the studio website!



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