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End of 2015

The end is upon us! 🙂 This past turn around the sun has been a good one- full of newness and travel, developing new work and exploring new materials. Meeting new people!

IMG_1554FullSizeRender 18

FullSizeRender 19
Beginning student-Daisy’s finished rings
Beginning student-Luc’s glass (lost wax cast) skull
new adventures in analogue
bronze cast into/onto lava from Hekla

STILL finishing up Backer perks/gifts! The more admittedly ‘difficult’ ones being the upper end sculptural/wearable pieces. While I had a vision towards what they would be- there are many possibilities and I want them to be perfect! That said, they might be weighty and not-so-wearable. 😉 Wishing I had more time… as usual.

Studio classes finished up last week. Students created really great work this year! Above shows some of the final classes work. Daisy carved wax and cast sterling silver rings, then we worked together to set her rough-cut aquamarine. Luc (co/op student) worked on a wax piece that was then cast in amazing Gaffer rhubarb casting crystal. Colour shift!

Meanwhile, next March Divya is back in Toronto teaching beginning entomology again! Plus this time around she is traveling up to Toronto (from Brooklyn) with fellow taxidermist in-residence Katie Innamorato at The Morbid Anatomy Museum. They will be dual-teaching two incredible workshops; Jackalope shoulder mounts and Full Squirrel mounts!  So, if you are really looking for some new skills- these workshops are not to be missed! 🙂

Happy holidays! xox



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