Aulacantha scolymantha: Chroniques du plancton

Powder forms
Powder forms

Reconfiguring and building an Algal Bloom wall installation

The additional forms will be comprised of Aulacantha scolymantha (my version of). Image link from Plankton Chronicles   photo, Noé et Christian Sardet An amazing, informative website, episodes- go there NOW.  Andrei purchased the book for me last weekend at Type, and I didn’t make the connection between the book and the website until writing this post! Duh.

In 2010 I started building an Algal bloom out of fused glass powders, and flame-worked borosilicate glass… it continues to grow.

While these fuse, form and get cleaned up I am also working on a sound piece with bones created during my last residency in Iceland. I will be studying with Leif Bloomquist through a workshop at InterAccess. Super excited for this opportunity! Here are some details on the class.


-Participants will learn how to create “audible objects” – objects that can sense their environment and respond to touch, motion, or proximity by triggering music or sound effects. The basics of sensor integration with Arduino and triggering sounds with MIDI will be covered.

The workshop will culminate in a working prototype. Students are encouraged to bring their own objects to interface

Day 1

  • Arduino Basics
  • Sensor Basics
  • Analog vs. Digital
  • Detecting Events
  • Programming Basics
  • MIDI

Day 2

  • Hook up and test sensors
  • Hook up and test MIDI
  • Put it all together

I’ve worked with various sensors in the past, with PD and other programming languages. Lately I’ve been mixing my own conductive paint and have been considering various ways of applying this to some of the ceramic pieces built in Iceland. This workshop will definitely aid in that respect. Then I am attending two workshops lead by Lindy, Intro to Unity (gaming engine). I’ve dabbled with Unity, but time to get real here!

Powder form tack fused at 1250f for 10 minutes
Powder form tack fused at 1250f for 10 minutes

>In this workshop participants will learn how to use Unity, the game development platform which can be used to build high-quality 3D and 2D games. This workshop will be geared towards artists interested in using the software for creative applications.

Participants will be introduced to some basics of Unity, steps to create, how to transform, edit objects and components to customize and experiment with creations. They will explore unity plugins and how to apply them to their projects. Bring your ideas for discussion and feedback and get started on a project!  Check out Lindy here- Lindy is a maker, cyborg and radical education enthusiast based in Toronto. They hold a MFA from OCADu and a BFA from Concordia University. Lindy runs Make Friends Monthly TO and an annual conference for social change in tech called Make Change as co-founder of Little Dada. They also co-facilitate LGBTQ+Women’s weekly events at Site 3 coLaboratory. During their spare time, they enjoy cycling, constructing whimsical robots, and creating Dadaist artwork. See more about Lindy’s awesome work at Lindywilkins.comand Littledada.ca

Screenshot 2016-05-19 17.55.02
fused and formed, ready to cold work

The other workshop is in July, creating Augmented Realities- which, well, is right up my alley! Kind of my M.O, right? And then, the ultimate experience. A master class with none other than Werner Herzog. While his course is geared towards documentary film creation- obtaining information and direction, suggestion, advise from Werner Herzog is worth more than its weight in gold for all artists, creators, makers. I’ve pre-registered and cannot WAIT!!

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