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Augmenting reality

From Old Norse auga, from Proto-Germanic *augô, from Proto-Indo-European *h₃ekʷ- ‎(eye; to see). Cognates include Latin oculus

Since early Spring I have been messing around with Unity and Arduino (actually I have been playing with Arduino for a couple years…) slowly building knowledge towards a new iteration of Wonderlandish combined with the Air We Breath.

Video still of Marker showing generative Plankton growth

The idea that the fundamental act of observing a phenomena changes it, all too often the very act of observation or participation in an event is an intrinsically destructive process that has the power to effectively cause something wondrous to disappear from the landscape forever regardless of how benign the intentions of the spectator might be…

Coming up very soon is travel to Iceland (again, yes) and 4 months focussing on new work. I really need time outside of Toronto and the daily grind, in order to get work accomplished! Similar to being a chef creating weekly menus, time is scarce even when I attempt to manage it. The studio is all consuming. Wearing all the hats when you run your own business takes commitment, energy and lots of time! I love nanopod studio, I enjoy teaching and meeting new people. But I hugely enjoy quiet, and being away from bright artificial lights on outside the moment the sun dips down below the horizon, and having to constantly promote workshops. Time to recharge the battery packs! Time to breath in clean, fresh air! Drink in clean water. Time to just melt and flow into long hours of thinking, sketching, writing, taking pictures, painting, stitching, developing and making. Listening. is up. I haven’t officially bombarded the internets with that info, but the website exists now. It looks and runs best off laptops and desktops, but it works off mobile devices, too. Both Andrei and myself will add updates, links, etc., as it grows. But for now please check it out here– there are sounds so, speakers on 😉

Meanwhile, as mentioned above I’ve been really delving deeper into Arduino and Unity and bringing the two together into Ableton Live. While VR is trickier only due to Apple & Oculus not being friendly, I’ve turned towards AR. Then Pokemon Go had to come and take over the world! Who knew? Regardless I have been building Plankton, radiolarians and learning C# towards turning the sculptural components of the Air We Breath into Markers that will open generative AR visuals affected by heart rate, or (if possible maybe) cO2 sensors that will measure temporary changes within a space.

AR Marker test with 3D pollen model.

Below is some info concerning ‘what I will get up to” while at Nes.

From audible (sensor triggered) objects, augmented realities, building soundscapes, working with scents, weather and imagery. This research is focussing on the potential psychological {memory}, and spatial affect imagined reality/virtual reality, immersive installation(s) may have on people. Some of the first experiments involve soft circuit sculptures with sensors that trigger sound, pitch modulation and filters. Binaural soundscapes/field recordings create an audial mnemonic within the environment…        Part of the physical body of work involves the alternative photographic process of liquid emulsion, as well as emulsion lifts onto stones, wood, glass castings, ceramic and found  ephemera discovered while exploring Skagatrönd and other areas around Iceland. Documenting the land and people around me, projecting these images onto stones and debris discovered on walks through various neighbourhoods and locations. Holding or touching these objects will open stories/sounds about the land.

 The work produced at Nes will standalone as well as contribute to a larger work in progress.

Workshops and open studio visits with the local community will be scheduled during the months of my stay, inviting locals to learn and take part in this documentation and process.

Happy Thursday! Thanks for reading 🙂

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