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New experiences through amazing workshops in Toronto

Thursday evening’s class sold out, but there’s still a chance to make your own amazing display and learn how to articulate a skeleton!
Bat Skeleton Articulation Workshop with guest artist, Wilder Duncan

Saturday afternoon 12pm – 3pm
I seriously wouldn’t miss this experience/opportunity Toronto! I am super excited that Wilder has traveled up to Canada to hold these workshops at nanopod: Hybrid Studio. Wilder is a resident taxidermist with the Morbid Anatomy Museum in Brooklyn and teaches this unusual workshop and skills through the museum as well as at Paxton Gate in San Francisco. I am honoured to host him at the studio!

You can still register online through Paypal using Visa or MasterCard. Take the class with a friend, this workshop also makes an incredible birthday gift- not only due they receive the gift from you, they learn the fine art of skeleton articulation AND they leave with an incredible handmade zoological display! This looks like an amazing and fun class! I know I am looking forward to Saturday (when I will be taking the class!)

Reserve your seat
Reserve your seat


In this class, students will learn how to create an osteological preparation of a bat in the fashion of 19th century zoological displays. A cleaned bat skeleton (Pipistrellus abramus), a glass dome, branches, glue, tools, and all necessary materials will be provided for each student, but one should feel welcome to bring small feathers, stones, dried flowers, dead insects, natural elements, or any other materials s/he might wish to include in his/her composition. Students will leave the class with a visually striking, fully articulated, “lifelike” bat skeleton posed in a 10″ tall glass dome. The class will focus on teaching ancient methods of specimen preparation that link science with art: students will create compositions involving natural elements and, according to their taste, will compose a traditional Victorian environment or a modern display.
7 seats available, reserve your spot today.  14138103_10100291847447213_2781261296674759343_o


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