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Living in the Westfjords

img_7446I arrived in Reykjavik September 11th. Hung out with my friend, and dread stylist Karen aka Modlocks. Met up with my Icelandic language teacher Thordis (ÞÓRDÍS) for a kaffi at Cafe Haiti- where she introduced me to Kristín Ómarsdóttir and Oddny Eir Ævarsdóttir. Both authors, interesting people and sadly we only had small talk! I met up with glass artist, Sigrún Einarsdóttir for dinner at Gló, it was nice to catch up with everyone.

On Sept 14th I flew out to Ísafjör∂ur and took a cab, with Antonio from Italy here to sell buoys into Su∂avík. My initial reaction was one of surprise.. admittedly I did expect the Melrakkasetur people to welcome/meet me, explain the living situation, show me my room, with bed linens and bath towel, etc. Instead I was greeted, at the front door of what appeared to be a dilapidated party house, by a 19 year old from Germany and a 21 year old from Paris… ummm, yeah. Shown the ‘basement’ room with blocked out windows, no towels available, kitchen in a complete state of decay and chaos. Later I met the third volunteer, Maria from Spain. While age isn’t an issue for me, I guess I was concerned with the seeming lack of organization (can you imagine? Me caring about such things?!). That all said, I was/am here for the foxes! Two days later I claimed a really nice room, found a towel and all is well 😉 But again- I am solely here for the Arctic foxes!img_7487

And I tell you- I am in LOVE! These little beasties. img_7629img_7604

This is Ingi, brother of Mori.

Processed with Snapseed.
Mori comes to me for belly rubs. 

Yesterday I worked in the centre alone giving museum tours. Midge was there serving soup, coffees, selling souvenirs and museum tours. Midge runs the show at Melrakkasetur. But more about him later.

Ingi and Mori are fed at 10am, when we volunteers arrive and at 4pm. Breakfast consists of wet dog food of lamb and beef (1.5 packets each), and dinner is usually a whole fish for each fox, sometimes they receive eggs but they prefer the fish. 🙂 Yesterday evening Mori came and tucked himself into my lap, climbed on my shoulders, allowed me to pet his soft little ears and administer more belly rubs. So far he’s received belly rubs from me every day. Which is apparently rare. I feel Mori hasn’t any choice in the matter! haha. I think he acts reluctant but actually really likes them. 😉

Processed with Snapseed.
Blueberry picking with Ambre and Maria

Day 8 of my volunteer work at the Melrakkasetur. It is windy out. Like winds unknown in North America. Soon Ambre (Maria left Sunday, Stephi left last Friday) and I will head over to the museum, feed Ingi and Mori and take brave travellers through the museum, teaching them all about the beautiful, amazing Arctic Fox.

We ate blueberry pie for breakfast.

One thought on “Living in the Westfjords

  1. Very cool that you are there doing that wonderful work! It is really fascinating to read the details you include. I sense some inspiration budding in all the experiences that will no doubt turn up in more of your magnificent artwork. Art On!

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