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waterfalls & calcite crystals

Today is extremely quiet at the centre. Mori was very happy and cuddly with me this morning when I came in. Lots and lots of playing and wanting me to pet him and scratch his belly, and behind his ears, while Ingi went into the den.

I took Ambre (volunteer from France) down to the harbour this morning. She has had high hopes of tagging along with some fishermen, out to the sea in search of whales! She wasn’t expecting anyone to say, Yes come with us now! So she wasn’t really dressed for heading out onto the Greenland sea this morning (haha!) but I suspect she is having grand adventures out around Hornstrandir now- that or she is green and quite sick 😉 and soaking wet! But good for her, eh?

This past week someone has overfed Ingi and Mori. Throwing fish and bones and who knows what into their enclosure. 😦 This isn’t good as the two monkeys will gorge themselves until they are sick to only come back and eat more. We don’t know who is doing this, but we hope they stop. Yesterday morning after we fed them some people came in the centre and told us that they saw one of the foxes getting sick. We initially thought this was from a couple nights back- Mori has been burying extra food and we cannot locate all of it- but no. When Ambre and I went out at 2pm to clean the enclosure we found someone had stuck fish through parts of the fencing and they, again were over eating. As I approached the shed, where we keep their wet dog food and our overalls and rubber boots I saw over a dozen fish piled up by the door! So now we have a better idea of who might be up to overfeeding the foxes, but why the heck aren’t they bringing the fish to us?! I mentioned how I feel a sign needs to go up by the enclosure telling people not to feed Ingi and Mori along with a little explanation as to why. Slavyan (one of the part-time assistants) told me that Midge has been saying he was going to put up a ‘Do Not Feed’ sign for a long time now but just doesn’t get to it. There seems to be a growing list of things that aren’t dealt with that, in my opinion, really need getting to! I want to help, but it doesn’t seem welcome (help, that is).


Ambre and I hiked into this lovely area the other evening. Several waterfalls to be seen here. But we were really hunting crystals. 🙂 There is a lot of Spar/Calcite to be found around Iceland. img_7941img_7948-1We joked that we were like Sam and Frodo. I was Frodo ;p


Ok! More later -time to clean the enclosure.

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