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Graceful : Time

via Daily Prompt: Graceful

Thanks for visiting- May I suggest listening to the following as you read and ponder the images here?

img_8032 Autumnal colours found in the Ascophyllum nodosum, Fucus spiralis aka Bladderwrack/Fucus vesiculosus. In the past I’ve dreamt of harvesting seaweeds… img_8040

I find the worlds here graceful in their ruggedness. The young, raw nature.

(repeat) Geological time is palpable. img_8038 There is an otherworldly quality to the light, to the landscape(s).img_8021-1 On my journey back to Su∂avik from Litlabær (with the seals) I came upon these incredible rock formations. img_8044Tafoni is a name for them. I am uncertain what the Icelandic name is. They are quite large, feel like hardened sand (at least these did) apparently formed by cavernous weathering, which starts when water brings dissolved minerals to the rock surface. When the water dries, the minerals form crystals that force small particles to flake off the rock. The word comes from Sicily, where spectacular honeycomb structures form in the coastal granites. They are also found in Utah at Arches National Park… I mentioned to a friend recently how the Westfjords felt similar to Monument Valley, parts of New Mexico IF you could imagine the desert filled with ocean instead of sage and chamisa growing you would have moss, lichens, blueberries, bilberries – very similar and since Iceland is young perhaps the Southwest is how it will come to age and slowly, gracefully the Southwest (Nevada, Arizona, NM) will flow with water once again.nqix2828Please check out Graceful interpretations here,


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