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  1. the use of either naturally occurring or deliberately introduced microorganisms or other forms of life to consume and break down environmental pollutants, in order to clean up a polluted site.

I am super fascinated in how I might introduce microorganisms into sculptural works (soil based, plant based) perhaps through Mycoremediation fungal bioremediation.

I am currently experimenting with making paper using native lichens and fungi. The first papers are using  Panellus stipticus – glow in the dark, bioluminescent mushrooms. Will papers made from these mushrooms continue to glow? If yes, for how long and will the amount of mushroom fibre determine glow factor? PanellusStipticusAug12_2009

Slime moulds have been collaborated with to create sound- the mould growth makes connections to various circuits. What native fungi and/or lichens might be worked with in the same manner creating soft circuit sculptures that trigger sound; pitch modulation and filters. I am curious if the fungus can trigger sound while breaking down pollutants in soil.

Meanwhile, here’s a fun(gi) filled time-lapse (make sure your volume is up OR headphones on). Created by, Steve Axford.
His facebook page:


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