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Many skies…

On this exact date last year I met Ingi and Móri. Two arctic foxes living at the Melrakkasetur (Arctic Fox Centre) in Su∂avik, Iceland. In the beautiful Westfjords.

It has taken me quite some time to readjust back into my Toronto costume, if you will. Going through the daily motions…  My partner and I own a house in the ‘Junction’, but I really do not want to live here, in Toronto. I feel to far removed from nature. Yes, there are amazing parks here, but nature itself- hiking, wild-life, rivers, mountains, are far and we do not own a vehicle (other than our bikes).

Anyways, this is not meant to be a downer post. 🙂  This is about traveling back to those wonderful days in the Westfjords; cleaning the fox pen. Feeding and playing with Ingi and little Móri. Administering belly rubs 🙂 and eventually having to say farewell. Which is what I was doing in the video below.

Late tonight, just before midnight this Loser is showing up! Haha. IMG_2034Naw, even if her hat says so, she’s not a loser. Friend/colleague Ambre. We lived together, ate together, went on adventures together while both working for Midge {waves in a westerly direction towards Midge). Ambre is only in Toronto for a couple days, but I’ve promised her the mythical vegan donuts from Bloomers. And donuts she shall have!!

Meanwhile, I also miss Maria.. where is she? Hoping to see her next year when I am in Spain. Yep, Spain. That is an entirely different story I will share later. Meanwhile, please check out these images taken during my time in the Westfjords! Picking wild blueberries, crowberries- we made pies and ate so many. I miss the fresh air. Press play – the Owls of the Swamp were listened to a lot while we drove around snapping pics and looking for hidden hot springs. 🙂  

Someone recently told me that I wasn’t wanted in Iceland, and I wasn’t welcome, that I am part of the ‘problem’. They say these things out of anger, anger that I in some wording or moment of activism will see funding taken away from the Centre.. During my time as a docent with the Arctic Fox centre many visitors were vocally opposed to the legal hunting of the foxes in Iceland. Even Midge. However, keeping the arctic fox population, outside of Hornstrandir to a certain amount is vital for many reasons.  That said, I am fairly certain that nothing I say will alter funding going to the centre- in fact, I would like very much to see more funding go to the centre to enable a larger enclosure for Ingi and Móri. With that sentiment in mind I have been putting together a sort of colouring book for the centre, along with pendants. The plan is to send these items to Midge. He can sell them and use the money however he sees fit. At some point in the not too distant future the intention is to put up a Kick Starter or similar, to help with printing costs, material costs towards these colouring books.

Friend, colleague & roommate during my volunteer time with the Melrakkasetur, Ambre


Processed with Snapseed.
Picking wild berries


Móri is the size of my Pnut (bengal) & loves belly rubs, too.


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