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Sipping video mapping

I am currently enrolled in a Video Mapping with Isadora workshop. Saturday, Nov 11 we spent the entire afternoon with Maz, aka Maziar Ghaderi aka Maziart.ca fully immersed.  Split into teams we had to map ready-made objects, and experiment with effects, sound, mouse controls, and essentially memorize steps taken towards successful outcomes. The ultimate challenge being to work with an artist towards envisioning a theatrical piece, for a performance scheduled to take place November 25th!!!.

As a team of Mappers, we are: Myself, Erica Whyte, Jeremy Sykes. We will be working with theatre artist/actor, Mosa McNeilly on her incredible, Sipping Freedom work/art/theatre piece.

Currently the Sipping Freedom team is working out scheduling to meet and discuss Mosa’s visuals, ideas, and the assets we will need to develop and create towards the scenes Mosa has chosen for this performance. I am super excited for this opportunity to work and learn with/from Mosa!

Meanwhile, I have been researching Veve, Papa Guédé/Ghédé, and Yemayá, the great Mother that rules over the seas and oceans, towards Sipping Freedom.

Tech wise we have:

  • 3 projectors (1 from I/A, 1 mine, 1 Jeremy)
  • Kinect (mine)
  • Midi controllers (both Jeremy and myself)
  • Bare Conductive Board
  • 4 laptops (mac, linux)

Stay tuned for more and please, check out @MothAntler on Instagram for video mapping updates!

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