I’m back! Back in the Laugarvatn groooove

Many years since I was here, on the glacier I was passin’ my time away
To the left and to the right, volcanoes towering to the sky
It’s outta sight in the dead of night
Here I am, and in this land, with a fistful of króna
And baby, you’d better believe

I’m back! Back in the Laugarvatn groooove!

View from my temporary balcony.

Tomorrow some of the other artists arrive and I am here early to welcome them. I truly enjoy helping Alda and Kristveig, the directors of Gullkistan Centre for Creativity. Homecomings can be nice and my returning to Skagaströnd and now Laugarvatn feels fantastic!

Apparently, it has been raining in the South coast all of June. Hopefully, I have brought sunny weather with me from the Northwest!

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