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November Talk-About

Handmade Division Talk ABout! This month’s question is: Talk about one/some teachers/mentors/masters you’d like to study with? Who, do I really want to study with? Hmmmm. Kind of a tricky question for me as I’ve studied with most of them already! Metal-gods: Harold O’Connor (Master Goldsmith), and Phil Poirier. Glass Warriors: Janis Miltenberger (Glass Goddess),… Continue reading November Talk-About

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Talk about …. August 15 2010

This August 15th the Handmade Division is Talking about something you’d like to create, that you maybe don’t have the skills or technology to do currently? ” There was a Star Trek episode where artists could take ideas, imagery, concepts from their minds, visualize them and sculpt sculpt them using this magic stick like tool… Continue reading Talk about …. August 15 2010

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July’s Talk about blog, “Who are the artists you’d love to collaborate with? on making what?” There are several that come to mind. Various mediums, various meanings. #1 Werner Herzog Simply because he is brilliant. I would love the opportunity to meet him and get to know him. I would run away with Werner… if… Continue reading Collaboration

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What item do you most treasure made by another artist?

Welcome to the May edition of the HandMade Division’s, Talk About. Participating Handmade Division artists write about the same topic. What makes it fun, is you, the reader, can easily link through to the other Artist’s blog pages and read their thoughts and opinions about each month’s topic. Almost like a debate… but much more… Continue reading What item do you most treasure made by another artist?