Oryx & Crake

It’s autumn once again. Time for making savory soups, roasting root veggies, cuddling up with a good book, and snuggling with your cat…. Problem is, Andrei and I have been heartbroken for several years now since Lola’s death. I personally cannot replace a loved one with an instant ‘other’. So, our house has been empty… Continue reading Oryx & Crake

Exhibitions/Installations · Unclassified

Glass Couture IV

Current update, September 8 2012 Each costume, inspired by the environment, current (past & continuing) political issues, Science/Evolution/Religion Jökulsárlón shoe #1 is currently annealing since, yesterday. Casting began Thursday evening September 6th. Washed Gaffer crystal. Once the annealing cycle is complete and, before molding and casting shoe #2, I will mold and cast an accessory… Continue reading Glass Couture IV